Welcome to the real world.

I’ve just finished a temp job (acquired, naturally, through pretty nepotistic means: cue much hand-wringing) actually when I was contracted to, and not after a month when they finally got sick of me. So that was nice.

The job was inputting reading test results into a spreadsheet from 10 till 6 every day for eleven days. I realised about three days in, that I had never done one task for eight hours in that way. At school, not only were my longest days… well, now I do the maths, they sometimes hit 8h15, but generally, they were broken up into different lessons, with room changes, etc., so it always felt like you were doing different things. This was eight (well, seven, one has to eat after all) hours of the same task, in the same room, same chair, and man, it was dull.

This is all starting to make me nervous about work. This job was by no means bad, it was actually pretty great – well paid, I like the people in the office, dad was on hand to provide free food, it was near UCL, and, since the data input required so little brainpower, I could listen to stuff while I was doing it. So I listened to plenty of Radio 4 dramas, BBC panel shows, Ricky Gervais Shows, Stewart Lee gigs, LSE Public Lectures, Brandon Sanderson’s lectures, and many concerts.

Yet despite all that, I didn’t look forward to it. I didn’t have exactly the same level of dread I used to get before leaving for work at the call-centre, when I’d actually seriously contemplate not going at all. But just a general “Oh for fuck’s sake.” And I’m worried. Because if I even get that for a job I didn’t mind, is that just what life is going to be after graduation? A pervasive sense of “Oh for fuck’s sake, work tomorrow.”? I don’t like the sound of that.

Maybe this is just me receiving, in the immortal words of Lonely Island, a “welcome to the real world, jackass”. 

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