That whirring you hear is the sound of all the little gears and bits of machinery that power this blog creaking back into life after something like two years. I’ve been meaning to get back to it since the last post I wrote – the Writing folder on my laptop is a desolate wasteland of half-written posts, tossed aside in disgust. At some point since the summer of 2012, I feel like I became a bit disenchanted about my own opinions, and halfway through anything I wrote, I’d start to feel a strong sense of “who actually gives a fuck” and give up. Couple that with the fact that the blog had a stupid title, and it was a recipe for a gradual process of giving up. All the same, whenever I come across the blog in my bookmarks and flick back through the old posts, I’m struck by how un-ashamed of them they are – the opposite of the usual cringe that accompanies reading old work. It all adds to the sense I may have peaked around the age of 18-19, to be honest.  Now, however, as an Erasmus student distinctly unimpressed with the whole affair, I’ve found myself with even more free time on my hands, and I figure now is the time to start dedicating more time to this thing. Similarly to before, there probably won’t be a particularly consistent theme to this. I read less books and more articles, play more videogames and watch more TV, so the emphasis will probably shift in those directions. If I can summon the courage, I might try and do some more vaguely academic bloggery, or at the very least a sort of link-spam post. As ever, there’ll be the temptation to get all personal but I’ll do my best to avoid it.  Let’s see if I can make it beyond three posts.

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