Februrary 16th: Austerity Reading

This week I’ve done some absolutely stellar TV and video-game work, which has had a knock-on effect on the amount of reading I’ve done, and consequently, how much I have to share with you this week. Also the length was getting out of hand so I’m going to try and be more selective from here on out. And concise, though concision isn’t really my thing.

This, over at Foreign Policy, is an interesting argument that I don’t think you hear often in English-language press for reinforced security cooperation between France and the USA. For the most part, you only hear about France in ill-informed stabs (in French, that one, but a brilliant takedown) at its economic policies. There’s a lot of merit to the idea of boosting trilateral relations, including the UK this time, as well. Worth a look.

I’ve definitely made this argument in the past – how the arbitrary borders imposed by colonial administrators are a big source of conflict etc. etc. This article about Sykes-Picot, which has had a surge of bad press because of the state of Syria and Iraq at the moment, is an interesting and strong corrective to what are, in this situation anyway, largely untrue connections.

This one’s a bit long, but it’s a really interesting, and I assume well-informed explanation of the North Korean regime and where things might head next after the purge of Kim Jong Un’s uncle. Hardly ever see this sort of information come out so this is cool.

Readers, let’s take a moment to salute a true workhorse. In the world of war machines, the expensive and high-tech items get all the attention and budgetdronesanti-ship ballistic missilescyber warfare, and the like. But, on the battlefields of the twenty-first century, a humble and under-rated weapon has quietly showed up these expensive attention-hogs: the pickup truck.”

The second War on the Rocks piece is weird but well worth reading if you’re into military-ish stuff. Last week I linked to three articles about the F-35, and the idea that a pickup truck may remain more relevant to most warfare is almost funny (as funny as death-making machines can be I guess).

Finally, one article on how the internet can be really cool – a history of computer/online dating including the story of that amazing guy who basically won at OKCupid with math skillz. For balance, one article on how the internet can be fucking awful – the story of one woman’s battle with the owner of a (thankfully now-defunct) revenge porn website. It takes some really surreal and quite terrifying turns and seems to have a happy ending. Check it.

Less than 500 words! Have a great week, guys.

PS: Just seen that one of my views for last week’s piece came from the search “chinese woman fucking in home video leakeg”. I’m still counting it. 

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