6th of April: Pandering

So this week saw the publication of my first original piece of writing in ages, which happened to be my most successful week in terms of views and visitors and stuff*. So, in the name of artistic integrity, logical decisions and wisdom, I’m shamelessly flipping the usual order to emphasise the TV-related links this week, and there are more of them than usual to emphasise the pandering.

TV and other Culture stuff

  • First off, I wrote a thing. In two halves. I hope I’ll come round on the How I Met Your Mother finale eventually, but I mostly still stand by what I wrote the day after.
  • Tying up a few loose ends – I provided a bunch of links in the end of the second post, an am not sure really whether to edit these in or just leave them here. Still, Sepinwall revisited his review and clarified stuff here, and, most importantly, FILM CRIT HULK wrote a defence of the finale, with which I disagree, but it is absolutely worth reading because it’s HULK.
  • This is good on The Walking Dead TV show – it captures that ambiguity of it normally being a bit shit and disappointing but still making you want to watch it. Fortunately, it is gone for the summer, and Mad Men and Game of Thrones are almost here, so all is well.
  • On that note, this is a funny “Tom Phillips photoshops a bunch of websites” Buzzfeed on Game of Thrones and this is a funny, but obviously spoiler-filled supercut of all the deaths in the series so far.
  • This is cool on the new Captain America film which I’m resigned to missing in the cinemas, and the media reaction to Black Widow’s role in it. Says a lot about responses to female characters.
  • A compilation of gifs of Kanye overlaid with inspiring quotes from his songs. Worth it just because it links to the New Workout Plan video, which is utterly, beautifully, baffling.
  • This is a very thoughtful Nathan Jurgenson piece on the nature of privacy today. Much better than most of the reactionary dross we get on this issue.

Serious stuff again

  • After the municipal elections in France, Hollande reshuffled his cabinet. Here are two articles on this from my department’s Philippe Marliere** , one in French, one in English. He isn’t keen. This is also good on the subject.
  • This week in “Gabriel plugs his friends”, a nice travel-related piece on why everything is disappointing (but still probably worth doing anyway), and a piece about Canada’s relationship to peacekeeping (what I helped edit) here.
  • This is cool on driverless cars and the different visions of future they imply
  • This is depressing on stop-and-frisk laws in the US. Also a different perspective – it’s by the white father of a black son
  • Novara had David Harvey on the show this week (!) – here, one of the hosts elaborates on some of his thoughts on Marxism and concrete political projects. The actual episode is linked in the blog.
  • Last week*** was the anniversary of the coup d’etat of 1964 in Brazil. So here’s a timeline (Portuguese) from BBC Brasil, and here is a good piece from Mauricio Savarese emphasising how far we’ve come.

Finally, as promised, the Kanye-eye-roll-worthy piece of the week is….

This shit. Sensationalised, inaccurate, over-dramatic nonsense that obscures the real issues with its awfulness – and Buzzfeed had the cheek to tag it as in-depth for a while. I bestow upon it the Kanye-eye-roll gif of bad articles.


Luckily, there’s a good piece in the Folha de Sao Paulo (English) here that actually explains the issues with the UPP and favela occupations.

*making it a two-parter was a bit of an evil genius move

**I considered “my old professor”, “my friend” “my main man” here and settled on this description as acceptably smug while still being accurate

***as I shamefully had to be reminded by my Mum

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