18th of May: the Vigilante Edition

Remembered the magic of scheduled posting, so this one is coming to you from Thursday evening, so as to avoid next week’s post being double-length.


Song of the week is ‘Devil In A New Dress’ off My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – come for Rick Ross’ mad boasting skills, do your best to avoid the misogyny dripping from several lyrics, and stay for the beautiful interaction between the guitars and the samples in the backing track. Above all, remind yourself how good that album is. With that, off we go.

  • First up, interesting blog from Laura Seay (or @texasinafrica) on how Nigerian communities have developed new structures to provide security where state control is weak
  • Not sure if this piece at the National Interest is encouraging or worrying, but it takes a look at how a revived rivalry with Russia might play out compared to the Cold War
  • This is a good critique of the interventionists in British politics and how no condemnation of a nasty group (in this case, Boko Haram) short of a massive bombing campaign is enough to please them
  • Outline of the implications of the ICC’s investigation into British war crimes in Iraq
  • Probably the wrong word, but this examination of what challenges the US Army is likely to face in future conflicts is really cool. Not keen on Brazil getting dragged into it as an example but.
  • Had kind of gone off Laurie Penny recently, but here are three really good pieces by her. One on whether the Internet is sexist, one on how daft and embarrassing Boris is, and one, for all you people who are actually taking exams seriously this year, on how to pass them.
  • Optimistic blog on Brazilians and the World Cup. I’ve found a lot of the tone of the reporting on Brazil from outside very irritating recently, and I can only assume it’ll get worse, so this was nice.
  • Dispiriting column from Sarah Kendzior on the false promise of social mobility. Mostly US-focused, but lots of it is relevant elsewhere
  • This was one of those pieces I bookmark and then lose in the folders, but it’s interesting and a bit out there, on Uber, the app shaking up the taxi industry in big ways
  • I’m kind of OK with Community bowing out, so it’s a good time to appreciate what we had, and this is a great review of the last season with really interesting analysis of the imagery
  • I back this piece defending the Jurassic Park sequel 100%, mostly because Jurassic Park scared me into the kitchen as a kid, while I almost wore out our recording of The Lost World.
  • In case you missed it, the first glimpse of the new Batsuit+mobile is out. Big news. Seems to be a pleasingly Dark Knight Returns vibe to it. Not keen on what appear to be veins on the suit though.

image nicked off badassdigest.com

  • Finally, this is mildly NSFW, but a very funny piece of “Liberal Dude Erotica” (it cuts to black before anything happens so it’s not too NSFW)

And with that, we’re done. No Kanye-eyeroll this week, as it’s my birthday and I want to be positive.*

Have a good week, enjoy your reading.

*this is obviously a lie because who do you think I am? I just didn’t see anything that really annoyed me this week, somehow. The John Pilger shocker in the Guardian almost made it, though.

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