1st of June: The One Where Gabriel Abused Pocket

Shockingly little IR stuff this week, and quite a short list – I’ve been doing a lot of Pocket-ing and not much actual reading. Still, off we go.

It’s always a bit sad when you realise that you’ve become immune to a piece of art that used to be able to move you. The ending of this week’s song used to take my breath away, and now it’s just pretty great. Anyway, come for the realisation that you unfairly dismissed Chinese Democracy, avoid that bit in the middle where Axl’s voice gives out, and stay for the ending which is still fantastic.

  • Interesting debate between two terrorism experts on how much of a threat Al-Qaeda is today
  • Really quite gripping account of an attack on the American embassy in Yemen
  • I had written last week’s post before the awful mass shooting in Santa Barbara happened, but here are some good reactions. One, at Another Angry Woman, on the “not all men” whiners, and a brilliant piece by Roxane Gay on abuse and misogyny and l can’t really do it justice so just. Go. Here, a thoughtful look at nerd culture’s relationship with misogynistic feelings of entitlement.
  • A Cracked.com article on a marginalised group (Transgendered people, in this instance) that is sensitive, illuminating, and funny! *shocked face*
  • Following last week’s trigger warning articles, a look at what they involve in practice. Spoiler alert: they aren’t a big deal
  • Someone on Twitter reposted this 2007/8 article about a young war ‘widow’ for Memorial Day, and I made the mistake of reading it on the train home at night. It should be cloying and sentimental but I was surprised to find it utterly devastating. Your mileage may vary, of course.
  • Sweet piece of dating advice from Oliver Burkeman – he’s normally wise and he advocates my preferred “play” so fingers crossed
  • Meant to link this last week but couldn’t find it. A profile of the beautiful, wonderful Jon Hamm. Especially important given Mad Men is gone for another year.

feast your eyes on the beauty. the talent. nicked from tumblr.com

  • Half-heartedly considered taking up Crossfit this year  – decided not to, as I prefer “biscuits + TV” as a fitness routine. This article provided me with a better justification.
  • Leslie Knope compliments are my favourite thing – these are great
  • Finally, not to get all falsely sentimental on you, but I do remember studying “Still I Rise” in high school, so in honour of Dr. Maya Angelou, have this lovely video of her reading it.

No Kanye this week, I’m afraid – having read so little, I’ve kind of not had any strong-enough-to-invoke-Kanye feelings on anything.

So, with less than 500 words on the meter, I’m leaving you, guys. I can’t promise next week will better, but there will be a reckoning soon: I’m flying home (!) before the end of the month, and all the articles I’ve Pocket-ed will catch up with me.  Have a lovely first week of June.

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