14th September: A Lull

The problem is, right, that when I say this list is “the best the Internet has to offer”, it implies it’s a relative thing. And it’s not, really. I basically just finish reading something, shrug, and add it to a list. So this evening, I looked over my list, and it appears everything I’ve read so far has been terrible, because it’s looking like my shortest list yet!

Song of the week is Louis Armstrong’s version of La Vie en Rose, which comes via me falling in love with Cristin Milioti’s (The Mother) on How I Met Your Mother and tracking down all the rest. This is probably my favourite, though I’m a terrible judge as I prefer Milioti’s bloody ukulele version to Edith Piaf’s so.

No NATO Council article this week either, though there are at least two rattling around the system at the moment, so can’t even pad it out that way.

  • Interesting look at the military legacy of the Falklands war
  • I never know what to believe about France, as it seems to the battlefield for about eight different economic ideological civil wars. I’m inclined to believe Krugman when he claims the disaster-reporting on France is politically-motivated – “So disaster is what gets reported, even if it’s not what the numbers say.”
  • While we’re puncturing liberal economic orthodoxy, an excellent look at low-paid labour and unionisation
  • Another good article on the stolen naked photos – the idea of an evolving norm on this stuff is how I see the whole thing
  • I’ve been lucky enough to be upgraded to an Apple phone recently, so I’m now sceptical and sneery at their products from within the beast. This, anyway, is an academicy/tossy look at the ideology of Apple’s marketing
  • Gary Bainbridge’s column this week is quite funny, but packs a punch at the end. Identify a lot with the “not freaking people out when walking near them at night” thing
  • (And we’ve already reached the funny bits)
  • Another brilliant Tom Phillips media parody on the aftermath of Scottish independence*
  • There are a lot of vloggers I don’t mind (or there were, before they turned out to be sexual predators), but this is very funny, and very accurate. It also targets the youths and not my generation so that’s A+
  • Finally, an old one – a scientific look at whether it’d be better to fight a horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses.

And that’s it. 500 words this week, 1,000 a fortnight ago. All about the consistency, me.

Not sure how next couple of weeks will work, by the by. Sky have said they’ll come give me Internet in October, so I’ll probably just do all my internet in the pub and schedule posts or something, but if you don’t hear from me, wish me luck with the move and I’ll see you on the other side! xx

*I think that’s part of the problem – I’ve not shared any Scottish independence stuff. TBH, I have actually read some great stuff by “no” people, but I just. don’t. care. The news has been on in the house three times a day, as well as all the little Newsnights and whatever the fuck else there is on daytime telly, and I am just 100% done with referendum talk. On the bright side, I got away with skipping about five pages of The Economist this week because it was all referendum stuff, which is a relief, because I’m currently drowning in back issues.

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