12th of October: Scheduling Conflict

Seriously considering shifting this post to another day at this point. I want to sleep but I feel a misplaced sense of loyalty to you all so here I am.

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Didn’t have a particular “song of the week” in mind and my usual “look at lastfm for the week” trick failed because I think the gym playlist has started feeding into it, so at the moment it’s just Chaka Khan, Nicki, and Taylor, which I mean, amazing, but nothing I haven’t shared. So, because I was listening to it on the nightbus just now and because there are a couple of great lyrics and no (AFAIK) overtly problematic ones, have a bit of Yeezy.

EDIT: JFC I sort of thought the last verse was from another song. Turns out the single worst lyric in a Kanye song (arguably) was in the song I called unproblematic. Good job me. Content warning for racism tbh.

This week’s article was the first of two parts of my (last!) piece for NATO Council of Canada, on the British contribution to the war on IS(IS). And now allons-y.

  • Again with the IS(IS). Good John Bew piece, including a critique of current British foreign policy. Two really interesting and absolutely-worth-reading close looks at IS(IS) (sick of writing that out) – one on the apocalyptic ideology they are increasingly expressing, and one on the brilliant Georgian general providing their most impressive tactical victories.

  • Solid argument for humanitarian engagement within a realist/self-interested politics.

  • Rather lovely, if terrifying piece on the movement from ENORMOUS TERRIFYING protests in Brazil in 2013 to a presidential run-off between the same two parties as ever in 2014 (pt.)

  • This, on the Ebola dog, starts out funny and then punches you in the gut so watch out

  • Roxane Gay, who is unambiguously having a moment, dissects that as an idea and is brilliant

  • This is a bit horrific. Response to a seemingly appalling troll-piece on sexual assault that 100% stands on its own merit.

  • Kind of annoyed that my erstwhile Madrid drinking partner is now writing things of this calibre, but this, on donating to charity in the face of corruption, is wonderful

  • Elon Musk, of privatising space travel-trips to Mars-excitement fame, did an interview, which is quite delightful to read. This article takes a look at the gene science of his statements.

  • Sick and tired of Owen Jones, his retweeting of praise, and his generic blandness. So seeing this 500-word dismissal of his book was A++ stuff, readers. Speaking of which, also sick of Greenwald + co so, similarly, this was fun.

  • See if you can detect the enormous, almost audible, sigh in this critique of the Sun’s awful “no more skinny” campaign

  • The other day I hit a brick wall on the dissertation so spent two or three hours reading Ask Polly columns – that one in particular is lovely. Time well spint – decided I might be happy someday.

  • As promised, some Bridget Jones thinking.

  • Hadly Freeman excellent as ever on the “wake up call” twitter thing

And that’s it! Have a lovely week everyone x

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