October 19th: Breaking of the Fellowship

I’m well organised, me – writing this some four hours before midnight (instead of ironing, reading, practicing for a big presentation, and doing homework, admittedly). That said, it is a busy weekend (comparatively), so I’ll whizz through it.

Song of the week is, I’m afraid, going to be a bit of S Club 7. I encountered them again, God knows how, the other day, and have been listening to this one on loop since then.

This is my final article for NATO Council of Canada – I’ve got a post coming up reflecting on the experience and gathering all my work – and it’s the second half of last week’s on the British campaign against IS.

  • Speaking of which, two interesting articles on British involvement on the other side of the conflict – one a reminder of the experience of British Muslim radicalisation in the 1990s, and a strangely moving list (with biographies were available) on the British citizens who have died fighting in Syria.

  • An examination, which may or may not be out of date by the time you read this, of the impact Kobane’s fall (it may hold on yet) would have on Turkey and the region.

  • Interesting look inside the process culminating in Obama’s strategy against ISIS

  • Analysis of the NATO Rapid Response Force

  • Dan Drezner on different models of authoritarianism

  • Periodic reminder that Fukuyama is probably better than his article everyone got assigned in first year.

  • Very interesting explanation of how media concentration and bias in Brazil affects politics

  • You may have seen furious condemnation of the NUS’ decision not to condemn ISIS recently*. Turns out it’s more complicated, and less interesting than that – this is coming from someone with 0 patience for student politics.

  • This is horrific, horrific stuff, on how laws meant to protect children are used to victimize mothers

  • Vox have been very good on affirmative consent

  • Interesting look at the issues of calling yourself a male feminist – sympathise with a lot of the points

  • Bleak account of what would happen if America got struck by a load of nuclear explosions

  • This is very funny but also on point (it’s also a couple of months old) on the admiration people had for the Maine hermit

  • Good piece on the rolling horror that is #gamergate
  • Two good articles on the weird morality of Shadow of Mordor**

  • Finally, not sure whether this is excruciating or adorable but Taylor Swift on Graham Norton is worth watching (there’s another clip)

That’s all! Have a good week

*generally from the Cohens of the world tbh – he wrote an awful column last week but I can’t be bothered Kanye-eyerolling it.

**otherwise known as the game that will bring to an end my run of good luck as concerns “wow my laptop can run this”

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