9th of November: Frozen

Surprisingly, considering it’s reading week, there are a few less links this week. I attribute it to actually getting some work done for once. Could also be the cold starting to freeze my brain. Still, a lot to be getting on with here. Also, it’s gone in italics and I don’t really know why so sorry about that*.
My most played songs this week are, naturally, still from 1989, and I had said I wouldn’t use them so I’m in a bind. This’ll do – beautiful song off a recent B.B. King album.
  • This is some Tom Clancy-esque (except it’s real) stuff on how the naval part of WW3 would have gone down
  • Speaking of which, interesting (and terrifying) detail on how aircraft carrier launches work
  • One of the kidnapped journalists in Syria tells his story
  • Quite interesting on the things Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 gets right about proxy wars
  • A look at how the threat (which I only vaguely half-remember) of China’s monopoly on rare earth extraction failed to materialise
  • Interesting on open-source intelligence
  • This is good on the far-right’s appropriation of the poppy appeal
  • Part of why student politics continues to be a joke – the NUS is a massive one
  • Watched this unfold on Twitter this week and it’s still pretty stunning. A journalist criticised Dapper Laughs and he set his followers on her and then went back to having a legit ITV2 program.
  • Good by Aaron Bastani on the failings of EU migration policy in the Mediterranean
  • This is nice on urban regeneration in Cairo
  • Some Guardian journos reflect on how their social class has changed
  • This article is quite a good expression of some of the discomfort I’ve felt at leftist foreign policy writing recently
  • Rather interesting that this article (FR) on police violence in France uses the UK as a positive comparison. Not sure if that’s just a sign of how bad France is or a certain naivety.
  • Boris Johnson needs to go
  • Nice look at how Europe has influenced the gradual retreat of the death penalty in the USA
  • Behind all the rhetoric, Brazil isn’t really about to go all Castro
  • Following the mid-terms, a critique of the Democrats’ policy of not campaigning as Democrats
  • I mean I’m all in favour of London sawing itself off from the rest of the country and floating away but if giving London more powers is in the provinces’ interest then I guess that’s nice too?
  • Following that “I am a feminist” T-shirt storm in a teacup, this article actually looks at the company that made the shirt, which looks less like a sweatshop and more like development in action
  • I’ve shared this about eight times this week in various places but it’s just so good. The excellent Cord Jefferson writes about his mother, and kindness, and just go read it now**
  • Not only is damselling in games sexist, it’s a bit dull
  • It seems we’re even sexist to robots
  • The science of wormholes
  • Great profile of Mallory Ortberg, of The Toast, which prompted me to do some trawling through their archives – some gems: the wars of the roses reimagined, and a look at the most embarrassing succession crisis in history
  • This is funny from soon-to-be father Stuart Heritage
  • Harsh truths about being single
  • This review of the new Call of Duty touches on something I’ve often wondered about – war games do seem more fun when they take place in recognisable settings
  • Have yet to encounter a Movember twat but this reminded me of seething at them in the past
  • Great piece on the rise of TV recaps
  • Not only was I broadly pleased with this season of Doctor Who, but The Walking Dead has been good so far? Shocking stuff. Todd VanderWerff looks at why (I knew the character stuff from last season would pay off)
  • I went around recommending this a lot when I discovered it couple of years back– dug it up a few nights ago. Simon Amstell’s brilliant, brilliant stand-up set from IDK how many years ago now.
Finally, cos I don’t want to dignify this with a bullet-point, but there’s more head-over-heels with the ridiculously-endearing-atm-Taylor Swift*** stuff. This clip of her lip-syncing to Kendrick Lamar (!) is wonderful, and I don’t know why, I really liked this appearance on a French radio show.
*this happened to my Granddad in an email once and I laughed. 😦
**warning from experience– don’t read it on the bus – it might do you in
***aside from the pulling her stuff from Spotify thing. Not that it affects me as I had it all saved because I’m not an amateur

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