16th of November: Noir

I kind of hate myself for that title because I think it might be a pun, but I’m in a shambles anyway because this week’s list has, at a push, one IR-ish article. I also managed to delete the archive of saved links I was keeping which is a little bit heartbreaking.

Song of the week is Albert Hammond Jr. (out of the Strokes), just remembered that he was doing the “removing albums from Spotify” thing well before Taylor, and sought him out on Youtube (cos duh). Anyway this song’s a bit beautiful and “you’re pretty won’t you come play with me” breaks my heart consistently.


Structure this week is shot to bits because I can’t do “IR-Serious Non-IR-frivolity” as usual, so let’s just get straight into it.

  • I like this on the Seumas Milnes of the world – how not to oppose imperialism
  • (straight onto the British politics!) Following the tedious and abortive coup against Miliband, Jonathan Freeland suggests a good campaign message for Labour
  • Lol this government is a joke.
  • Kind of by turns beautiful and heartbreaking (corresponding to each country), this piece on youth prison systems in Spain and the UK is excellent
  • Vaguely surreal profiles of some of the expats staying in Afghanistan when ISAF leaves
  • Was going to share a couple of episodes of #IMOBastani, Aaron off Novara Media’s new project, with you but this one is on UKIP and Mare Nostrum and it is very strong stuff (“because these people have names, right?” is a killer line), and the other two are in the related videos. It’s still a bit rough around the edges but definitely one to watch – do check out episode three too.
  • Another good piece on the mid-term elections*
  • Troubling from Jamelle Bouie on the possibility that the deadlock and fuckery that is American politics might be here to stay for a long while
  • Excellent on abortion rights
  • Clever apps and technology probably isn’t a solution to rape culture
  • Heartbreaking story from the pre-Civil Rights era. As you read it, never forget they were literal children and that everything is the literal worst.
  • Another beautiful Ask Polly column
  • As someone who spends a few minutes each week downloading daft apps to optimise my existence**, I found these pieces on ‘lifehacking’ and Soylent fascinating,
  • The Toast is amazing and this piece on introverts is my favourite
  • Good critique of yet another Band Aid single***
  • Stinging review of Lena Dunham’s memoir
  • Taylor Swift’s music finally disappeared off my Spotify, so I’m going to share a number of articles about the future of streaming
  • Joel Golby at Vice has a couple of funny ones this week – on Mick Hucknall’s sex life (yeah, ew) and on the nightmare that is “Very British Problems” getting a TV show
  • Couple of pieces on Interstellar at Popular Science
  • Rather pretty writing on video-games and Destiny and savegames
  • I am dreading reinstalling Skyrim on the new computer because of the bloody ordeal that modding it will be – this is nice on how much the modding community has impacted the game
  • And, of course, because how on earth was it going to go a whole reading list without the person that I’ve been reading out about all week – Kim Kardashian. I’m actually surprised I didn’t save more pieces about this because there’ve been some good ones but IDK.

And that’s that! Have a lovely week everyone! X

*I think I linked to the same author on the same topic last week but can’t check because of deletions 😦 😦

**today I saw my calendar app was telling me to work on my dissertation, ignored it, and continued playing Far Cry 3. 10 hours.

***though tbh if they get someone good on it, I will listen to it throughout December, because the original is one of the key parts of my Christmas playlist

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