28th of December: Disappointment

In order to prepare you for whatever you have planned for this Wednesday, I’ve set out to make this week’s list a disappointment. So the ‘best of’ I hinted at last week won’t happen, because who cares, and to add insult to injury, I haven’t actually gotten much reading done this week as I’ve been busy eating and drinking, and done most of my travelling by car. Sorry.

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Song of the week, in preparation for all the hangovers we have now and in the days to come, is Macklemore’s (I know!) Neon Cathedral – possibly proof that when he’s writing about his own experience instead of tackily appropriating that of others, he can do wonderful things.

  • In the wake of all the fuckery coming out of US police departments, but relevant in light of frequent bursts of fuckery on our side of the Atlantic, some alternatives to mainstream models of policing (published in Rolling Stone!)
  • Speaking of violent thugs (heyo), this article on the uses of violence in prison is part of a fascinating series from an ex-con* which I think is accessible either via the tag, the byline, or just at the end of the article
  • Good review of Arundhati Roy’s book on capitalism in India, which is on sale for very little at Verso Books.
  • London-time: on the absurdity of the garden bridge, and on the delusions of the restaurant boom
  • Very interesting piece on a bloke who took the lessons of air safety practices and tried to get them applied in the NHS
  • On Azealia Banks and black erasure
  • A great review of Nicki Minaj’s The Pinkprint (still not sold on it) which doubles as a good profile of her
  • The absolute delightfulness of including a great piece on Kim Kardashian and her game in a serious venture to tackle video-games in a highbrow manner is enough to get this article in – it’s also wonderful.

OK the only piece I could really think of offering in my list was Ta-Nehisi Coates’ The Case for Reparations which I feel like everyone read when it came out** which was what brought on my initial despair at the prospect of making an overall list – anything good that you lot didn’t read the first time round you probably wouldn’t read again. If you have missed that though, do check it out.

I’m away next week, so there’ll be no list. It’ll be a bumper edition on my return, however, as I’m travelling and have got an enormous reading queue to keep me company.

So from all of us here at Filling the Long Hours (me), thanks for sticking with me this year, and have a lovely New Year, I’ll see you in January xxx

*I say ex-con, he’s a bit Piper from OITNB

**indeed, one of the great joys of my tedious existence was watching British tweeters discover it about two weeks after American twitter was done discussing it.

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