18th of January: Hypothermia

Let’s get straight into it.

Song of the week is by Yamore, a singer I found off the Africa Stop Ebola single and features Cesaria Evora and between their two lovely voices it’s just beautiful.


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  • While with any luck, the debate over Charlie Hebdo is going away now, as it was getting deathly dull, I’ve got a few pieces left on it. These two contextualise the magazine/the attack/the response in French history/society without descending into “no but you don’t understand France is different”* and one quite good one on media coverage of the attacks
  • Quite thoughtful response to the “why do you care about Paris and not Baga” thing that’s irritatingly rattling about, and an attempt to understand the point of Boko Haram’s horrific tactics
  • Interesting theological discussion of Islam
  • Report from the Turkish border town that’s like a staging point to Syria
  • IDK why this even needs to be said, really, but this is good why on invading North Korea would be a bad. idea.
  • Very good profile of Tony Blair, though the title is annoying me more and more every time I see it.
  •  Bus strike was days ago and it didn’t even really inconvenience me but this is a good explanation of why it was needed
  • Aditya Chakrabotty very good on London families being evicted for no real reason, and Aaron Bastani on how housing in this city is making everybody miserable.
  • Musa Okwonga discusses Game of Thrones as a metaphor for climate change (although these ASOIAF nerds disagree (wrongly))


  • Interesting on the tensions of photojournalism (without being entirely about the notorious vulture photo)
  • Couple of brilliant short stories. One from a “Mars Widow”, and one dystopian pulp fiction murder mystery. Please give these a read.
  • This was a weird one to read on the bus. Very funny piece (bit explicit) on IUDs
  • Last week I shared the ‘36 questions to make you fall in love’ thing with you – this week, the Guardian sent some of my favourite writers to do the experiment and it’s pretty great
  • Speaking of dates, this profile of Chris “Captain America” Evans is utterly bizarre and wonderful
  • You’ll have seen this by now but just in case – the Harry Potter series if Hermione was the main character

And that’s that. Bye.

*which tbf it is

24% women bylines

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