25th of January: Fascists, Weightlifters and A-10s

Not an enormous amount of reading done this week what with life and work and non-weekly reading list-creating tasks getting in the way. Still, some good stuff in here.

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Song of the week is one off Alicia Keys’ second album I rediscovered recently.

  • Interesting on the dynamics of jihadi recruiting in Belgium
  • Remember this book got a good write-up in the Guardian when it came out last year despite sounding like dangerous trash – this is a better review
  • On the dangers of counter-terrorism policy cracking down too hard
  • Very interesting profile of a recently-captured LRA leader who was kidnapped as a child
  • Scary developing alliance between corporate power and Narendra Modi’s nationalist right
  • Long essay, basically, on how bad Boris is
  • In other pleasant news, the Front National is doing well among the youth so that’s nice
  • On the other hand, increasingly serious talk of forgiving Greek debt
  • Think I’ve shared most of these in the past, but Dan Hancox collected his writing on gentrification into one place, including this sad piece about a charity that helps deal with the various bureaucracies of the public housing system
  • Two long articles about the absurdity of USAF policy towards the A-10, if long reads about fighter jets are your thing
  • Good critique of American Sniper, the most recent “topic which I get is important but can’t care less about”
  • Stuart Heritage tries to go optimistic for a week
  • IDK about the science of this piece but it is worth it just for the photos of old people pumping iron
  • Related. I love this article so much despite ‘spornosexual’ being the single worst term – so good on gym culture and masculinity
  • Quite nice piece looking forward to 2015 in gaming
  • Great on David Oyelowo and black British actors ‘doing’ America
  • This is good on the debate around casting an able-bodied actor in The Theory of Everything
  • Very interesting on Rap Genius
  • Top-five annoying things that happened this week – the “feud” between Chris Bryant and James Blunt – this is a good response.

And that’s that! Have a lovely week x

20% women bylines, so it’s actually getting worse.

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