8th of February: A Quick Hit

Quick one this week, and not just because it’s too cold for me to bring my arms out from under the duvet for more than ten seconds.

Song of the week is Blueberry Hill, by Fats Domino, which came up in one of the Spotify playlists I was listening to and is kinda wonderful.

As ever, this is available as a newsletter and a blog, so if you’d like to switch you can.

  • Quite interesting piece on Iran’s role in the anti-IS war, followed by an examination of said war and American strategy that sort of rebuts it
  • Dispiriting ‘highlights’ from an interview with Bashar Al-Assad
  • This might be a bit self-serving, but this account of last-minute negotiations to prevent the Afghanistan war is fascinating
  • Interesting essay on the structural problems facing the Middle East
  • Sad and humanising photo series of refugees with the last meaningful thing they were able to pick up before fleeing
  • Sort-of obituaries of the Jordanian pilot and the American aid worker murdered this week
  • Excellent article on global healthcare spending by Paul Farmer
  • This article lays out some possibilities for this year’s general election to show how fucked the electoral system is here
  • Interesting comparison of attitudes and policies on binge-drinking
  • Great article on the potential of a ‘racebent’ Hermione Granger
  • D.W. (from Arthur) is stone-cold.

And that’s that. Have a good week everyone! X

Only 3/13 women bylines this week I’m afraid.

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