8th of March: Here Comes the Sun?

It’s sunny out and I’ve got builders in, so I’m resenting this more than usual. Let’s get to it.

Speaking of resentment and sunshine, this week felt a bit Madrid, so let’s have a bit of classic “What-Was-Gabriel-Listening-To-When-He-Was-Miserable-A-Year-Ago”. I think this is my favourite off of AM and possibly of all of them? Shit title though.

As ever, this reading list is available as a blog or as a weekly newsletter – if you’d rather receive it in the other format, click the links.

  • A U.S. general made comments on British defence spending, so there’s been a fair amount written on it.*  One from the BBC, and one on the absence of any sort of political debate on defence spending from the excellent Shashank Joshi. Just noticed these are both basically from RUSI.
  • I reckon this piece is #important. On ‘moral injury’ and how soldiers suffer after war without having PTSD. It strays into a bit of “isn’t it sad you killed all those people” on occasions, but worthwhile
  • Troubling on the Shi’ite militias sort of dominating the on-the-ground effort against ISIS
  • Great reporting from the Sinai on the anti-terrorist operation
  • Couple more good pieces on the Nemtsov assassination, here and here 
  • Spent the last couple weeks thinking about this nonsense, so glad to see Jay Ulfelder weigh in on radicalization and political violence debates
  • Really nice piece on Malcolm X, music, and, again radicalization
  • Very good on what the coming SNP surge means for the UK**
  • Lovely tribute to David Carr from Ta-Nehisi Coates
  • Oh god this section is so grim I don’t even want to inflict it on my mostly-student-readership. How modern universities are serious, grim, studious places (bleak as fuck), on how they’re becoming corporate nightmares (bleak), and why Labour’s tuition fee cut isn’t a great use of money (sigh)
  • This is nice on Obama’s speech yesterday – might have to actually watch the thing now
  • Kendrick Lamar’s The Blacker The Berry is a really good song but I’m not convinced it’s for me. This piece by Rembert Browne (whose music writing I’m increasingly impressed by) argues that case
  • As a probable inheritor of Mallows-pattern-baldness this piece on going bald young was a bit scary
  • The Standard is a terrible paper even for what you pay for it, but this piece on how different exile governments and resistances set up shop in London during WW2 is pretty alright
  • Fella off Twitter (@DuncanVB) is writing about a song that matters to him every day and it’s pretty great, you should keep up with it
  • This writer gave her Mum her Tinder account for a week. What happened next will amuse you. #Buzzfeedclickbait
  • I’m not sure specifically why I get such a thrill out of reading savage reviews of House of Cards but there it is***. This one is great.
  • Proposal for a better Apple Watch, that actually makes it sound like a future thing I want and not a complete waste of existence and microchips
  • This is really nice on Guitar Hero, etc.
  • Interesting on the reaction to the grime artists Kanye brought on with him at the Brits and how the artists saw it
  • This is v. funny on Taylor’s concept of money, or lack thereof.

There we go. Have a lovely week x

20-80 gender split this week, which I’m going to blame on the baldness bit

*After the NATO Council days, I had hoped to make this my Thing What I Wrote About Lots, but there you go.

**definitely should have gotten shot of Scotland regardless of the referendum result

***because it’s b.a.d. is the actual reason

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