Told you I’d be back

Like a persistent cold or a hangover that refuses to go away for reasons unclear1  I have returned to your inboxes, to your timelines, to your news feeds. This was always going to happen. The genuine distress in the eyes of people who are contractually obliged to be nice to me when they found I was knocking it on the head was too much to bear, really.

Also things are just really kind of bad, aren’t they? I left you and the Tories got in, the Mediterranean became a wide expanse of even grimmer-ness and UCL hurled me into the void of an uncaring universe, unready2 and unwilling.


There has been some really great writing out there. Like properly good to the point of irritating me. Several writers who I had previously shared seem to be entering a real hot streak and it’s great. Writing still looks rough, and I’ve got friends who’ve lost jobs recently which is Bad, but at the same time I see people finding platforms and success and stuff and it’s really encouraging.

And without this reading list, the only way I have to show my appreciation for this art is sweaty little @ replies to them on Twitter in the desperate pursuit of favs which, particularly for female writers, is a grim look.

So it’s coming back. Because amidst all the grimness and despair that is existence there is some beauty Mr. Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for.

I suspect I’ll stick to the old weekly Sunday publication schedule, but I’ll see how I feel. To kick us off though, what I thought I’d do is just mention some of the writers who provoked this so that you can delve into their backlogs while you’re waiting for a more targeted selection this weekend. Naturally, I haven’t really been keeping up the System so the 19th’s list will be a bit patchier.

Not even going to give you links here, just names. An afternoon spent Googling them and delving through their recent work would be Time Well Spent, promise.

Joel Golby and Sam Kriss, both at Vice and elsewhere, have recently been consistently excellent, both funny and occasionally beautiful. Nicole Cliffe and Mallory Ortberg have taken The Toast from strength to strength and are always very funny (as well as having my favourite relationship on Twitter). Ta-Nehisi Coates has got a book coming out that sounds predictably incredible and has elicited some great profiles of the man himself. Rembert Browne has written some of my favourite pop culture pieces of the past few months.

That’ll do you actually. More to follow whenever I get round to it. Hope you’re all as excited as I am. x


definitely nothing to do with sunny weather and cheap tins of Stella no sir not at all

“want a bit more library access and maybe some time to breathe before you have to pay council tax and full travel fares? fuck off”

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