9th of August

Been reading books, haven’t I? Not even e-books but proper paper ones I got from a charity shop. Also, obscene amounts of Civ V. Consequently, it’s a short one this week. Good stuff though, as ever.

Might just make you listen to the Italian Job song again tbh. Reasonably sure I’ve already shared this one too, but have a bit of Stevie Wonder. Sorry about the three minutes’ silence at the end the only other version I could find was a horrific nightmare.

As ever, the reading list is available in two formats – a weekly email newsletter, and a weekly blog. I’d like to [have] start[ed] strong and [keep] get[ting] stronger so if you enjoy anything you find this week then please pass it on to a friend.

  • Let’s kick it off with the apocalypse, shall we? The latest in “scientists develop better climate models and realise we’re even more fucked than we thought” stories
  • Melissa Gira Grant1 has an interesting piece on Amnesty International’s draft policy on sex workers’ rights
  • Joel Golby on why younger generations are less attached to the Green Belt is good2
  • Touching reflection on dementia
  • Great history of the awful awful New Routemaster
  • This account of a baffling PR stunt featuring will.i.am and a bunch of Lexuses is bizarre and sort of made me miss Madrid for a bit
  • Bit navel-gazey, I guess, but some good thoughts on the evolution of the online media
  • A fella off Twitter has been diagnosed with cancer and is chronicling it in various locations, partly in support of his (and his girlfriend’s) incredible fundraising for Anthony Nolan, which I think crossed the £50k mark last night. This is the start, I think, and it’s funny and sad.
  • Cool look at how Brazilian coffee farmers are adapting to trends in increasingly wanky coffee consumption3
  • You know when a man has a daughter and suddenly goes “oh now I see that women are real humans deserving of consideration and rights”? Shouldn’t take gender-flipping to make it seem absurd, but it does work
  • Speaking of absurd, I’ve only recently discovered this series where the Guardian reviews weird kitchen gadgets, but it’s great.
  • Lovely profile of Rebecca Black
  • “Gabriel you fool why are you getting excited by preview hype you are already considering an expensive home entertainment investment you can’t afford on the strength of the trailers for Battlefront 3.” No but look, look: the Crusader Kings guys are doing a space game and it looks obscene.

There we have it. Enjoy your week x

1whose book on a similar topic is very good, even though I never got round to reviewing it

2Look I think I’m going to stop sharing everything Golby writes in these, because it’s getting creepy, so this one will be the last. From here on out, just take it as read that I think you should seek out his work. I’ll let you know if he suddenly becomes Bad.

3speaking of which did you know Waitrose has loads of coffees on offer that aren’t even that expensive? Morrisons only has like three shelves

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