16th of August: Reluctantly

“Gabriel what did  you want to do with the ten hours’ free time you have between shifts this weekend? Because I want some high-quality reading delivered to me on a platter” – the entire Internet, today.

Let’s get to it then. No songs for you because I’ve just put my gym playlist on to get through this and you don’t need to hear Anaconda eight times.

  • Very interesting essay by Lawrence Freedman on how the war in Ukraine fits into debates over strategies of attrition or exhaustion
  • First, an essay on Iran’s foreign policy ambitions. Then, an article that is by turns dispiriting and positive on what the evolution of the oil market (remember peak oil?) will do to Saudi Arabia over the next few decades (spoiler: nothing good). Finally, a nice personal account of how Iranian life has been shaped by international isolation and sanctions.
  • This is really beautiful and really upsetting on African-American resilience.
  • Bizarre but cool essay on cyber-stalking your neighbours
  • Been at least half an hour since I last shared an essay about the future of superhero movies, isn’t it? Here’s a good one
  • It’s slightly wank but I quite liked this look at sommeliers’ beer tastes
  • An interesting history of a bad hat
  • Quite lovely “factual and emotional history of the burrito”
  • Great collection of ‘reasons I didn’t write back’
  • I’ve not regularly played FIFA since I was a kid but I really like this on how it allows men to express their feelings like nothing else.

There we go. Going to and look at a mirror and demand answers about the whole “stick to the Sunday morning schedule” decision. Have a good week x

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