23rd of August: Dodge

So I’m not at the computer. I’m not even in London. I’m not convinced my rudimentary bookmarking and listing system works this far away from Zone 1. I’ve done some time travel for you here, but don’t hold your breaths. There are four articles in my list at the moment, none of them outstanding enough to carry a whole post.

What I’m doing is basically brushing you off here. I’m thinking of moving to a biweekly posting schedule, anyway, as it turns out technical unemployment doesn’t led itself to reading lots on the commute, and unless you’re keen to read my X-COM fan-fiction, there is just generally less content to be shared.

Cheekily, though, I’m also away next weekend. My Dad is getting married, and we talked about it, and it’s not so much that I can’t get away from the party to write the list, but he’s using my laptop for music. So unless I feel particularly benevolent and schedule a midweek list to go out on the 30th, there’ll be no reading until September! You will struggle, ladies and gents.

tbh it’s your own fault I’ve been on the same readership numbers since about February – if I was suddenly going Viral maybe I’d feel more inclined to make a bigger effort. where’s the word of mouth?? 

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