30th of August: On The Floor

Right so I considered not doing this, but I’m nothing if not committed. Think I like this bi-weekly schedule though, so we’ll be sticking to it. Admittedly, I’m not likely to have two consecutive big weekends that keep me away from you all to this extent for a long while but there we are.

Song of the week technically has a name but it’s literally just generic Robert Cray Band song #9 – man is brilliant but he has one set of lyrics and themes.

As ever, you can get all this premium content delivered to your ungrateful computer in the form of a newsletter or on a weekly blog. Your call. Just so long as you pass it on to a pal, innit.

  • A roundtable of experts have some opinions on the state of the war on ISIS
  • Quite grim read on the consequences of son preference across the world
  • On the heart-breaking photo of the father carrying his kid off the lifeboat.1
  • Promise the next link won’t be a grim one. This report from the frontlines of the still-apparently-happening war in Ukraine is really close-to-the-ground.
  • Nice interview with a poet on race, calling-out, and other things.
  • Cutting the budget for ESOL classes is really stupid, and has particularly gendered consequences. Tories are bad IMO.
  • And as a follow-up to that – on calling things “Tory”
  • Using that extremely-dodgy blackface incident on Brazilian telly to look at debates on race there is probably a small silver lining to it
  • Very thoughtful take on discussions of cultural appropriation, which isn’t common
  • Two nice personal essays. The second one, fair warning2, is quite sad and reminded me of some stuff so, you know. On connecting to your dad through cigarettes, quite lovely. And in this, the author visits her grandmother for the last time.
  • Very cute Mallory Ortberg bit on Drake and Serena
  • Remember those Joga Bonito ads with Ronaldinho? They were good. Ignore the bit where he slags off Mad Men.
  • This is literally just an old review of a re-release of Resident Evil 4 but I really love that game and it captures a lot of what’s great about it so.
  • Bit of a cheat here, this is lots of short stories about songs and the romantic incidents they are connected to
  • So this is a very funny collection of tweets by Scottish people (that’s literally the whole thing)
  • Man got stuck in a hole with a dog.

And there we are. Have a lovely fortnight x

1  I thought this was going to be a dire Jonathan Jones piece and I was about to kick off, but it’s actually Patrick Kingsley who is good.

2  have been wondering whether I should start doing more legit content notes on these posts, because it does get quite bleak very quickly. Let me know if that’d be something helpful

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