“Hang on, lads, I’ve got a great idea.”

No, this isn’t just an excuse to make you listen to the song from The Italian Job again, promise.

As you may know, my laziness and poor time management have recently led to a change in the posting schedule for the old reading list. It’s now on a biweekly thing, which is working a bit better – there still really isn’t as much #content as I would like in the list, but that’s related to two other things which actually work in this blog’s favour:

  1. A lot of what I’ve read this week has been fucking dreadful. More on this to follow but man alive there’s been some badly-written bad opinions out there this week. Consequently, not a whole lot to recommend to you.
  2. I’ve been reading loads of books instead of my Pocket queue. Between not wanting to look at screens before bed and not wanting the ruffians at work to nick my tablet, I’m all about the books at the moment, which I can’t really put in a list for you.

What I can do, however, is toss off some really-not-very good reviews of them and tell you what I think about what I’m reading because if there’s one thing I want this blog to be, it’s basically dependent on other people’s work for content. I’ve done book reviews on here before, but they’ve tended to be a bit substantial and sort of things I’m quite proud of, so they stand alone. I’ll keep doing that if that’s where the muse takes me, but for the most part I’m expecting four hundred words, a picture of the cover, and like maybe one good point?

So here’s how it’s going to be.

There will now be two regularly-running reading recommendation features on this blog.

Every fortnight from this Sunday, the reading list will, as ever, grace your social media, your inbox, and provide you with the best of the Internet to keep you busy through your tedious rainy Sunday afternoon or your miserable daily commute.

Then every fortnight from next Sunday, I will post a few short reviews of whatever book-type things I’ve read that fortnight. This ups the pressure on me to keep reading, but I’m off to get an Islington Library card tomorrow so that should be fine.

The intervening days will have the usual intermittent attempts to have thoughts at length, or more likely, radio silence, but there we go. Back to one reading list a week, one way or another.

Oh, and I’m not putting the reviews in the newsletter, so you’ll have to come and give me some clicks here if you want to see them.

Hopefully this’ll be interesting for you, and I hope to see you here every Sunday again.

If it isn’t, IDC really, this is mostly for my own amusement. Hence:



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