13th of September: Return To Form

Been a busy week here at Filling The Long Hours. And holding the list back for two weeks has finally paid off – got plenty to share with you today. With that in mind, I’ll get straight to it.

As ever, this list is available as a newsletter or a blog. If you’d prefer to access it differently, go for it. And if you enjoy the recommendations, please tell your friends.

Song of the week isn’t technically a song but Kendrick made an incredible appearance on the Late Show and performed a sort of medley from To Pimp A Butterfly. It’s electric. Apologies for the weird video – this one is better but I can’t embed it.

Two posts from the blog you might have missed this week. First up, a bit of house-keeping to announced a new book review feature here, and second, I got a bit sick of the distortions in the Syria debate. Hopefully more great #content to follow.

  • Pretty chilling interview with an imprisoned ISIS leader who used to plan suicide bombings. This piece on Yazidi women joining Iraqi militias to defend themselves does a great job of restoring agency to them and also contains some stunning photos. Finally, while the debate over drones and targeted killings is sort of boring and woolly as hell, this piece sort of convinced me.
  • Good analysis of Russia’s increasing role in Syria.
  • Tom Chivers gathers together some of the science on the value of shocking images in the wake of that photo of Aylan Kurdi. However, this critique of the use of the image is compelling and also ends with recommendations for practical action. This story of taking a refugee family into the author’s home is quite sweet.
  • Rebuttal to claims that homosexuality is somehow ‘foreign’ to Africa
  • Aditya Chakrabotty on fine form drawing lessons from a dinner ladies’ payment dispute in Camden
  • This fortnight has somehow brought us through several tragic anniversaries for the US. For 9/11, this story of the fighter pilot scrambled to bring down United 93 is chilling, while these seven tales of heroism are quite moving. Speaking of which, this little-known account of how Mexico pretty much invaded Texas to bring humanitarian relief in the wake of Hurricane Katrina is A+
  • Going in hard on shipping-container-buildings
  • Powerful on what growing up in debt does to you
  • Bit of a cheat, here, but someone on Twitter was gathering together entertainingly nasty reviews – there are plenty of good ones in the responses to this tweet
  • Very interesting on the gendered response to alcohol abuse in classic authors
  • Nothing like a Film Crit Hulk essay to make you reconsider a film you had sort of forgotten about – very interesting on Ex Machina.
  • It’s kind of unfortunate that GQ felt the need to flip the gendering on this, but lightly amusing article on Resting Dick Face
  • This will be of limited interest if you haven’t seen Bojack Horseman but that’s your problem – great review of the second season and its’ treatment of depression
  • Entertaining reappraisal of High Fidelity (the “pop culture CRB” is such a brilliant phrase)
  • I wasn’t convinced and am still not going to take selfies but I still quite enjoyed this guide, aimed at men, at how and why to take better ones
  • Make sure you pay attention to all the details of this Tom Phillips-photoshops-the-media about Corbyn’s victory
  • Lyrical on the tragedy of Wayne Rooney
  • Smart interview with Alison Brie off Community/Mad Men
  • I absolutely adore Demi Adejuyigbe, mostly for his incredible Hozier mashups, but his Banksy jokes are also gold – this roundup will clue you in.

And there we have it. I will see you all next week for a roundup of some book reviews, which will only be available here on fillingthelonghours.wordpress.com, and then in two weeks for another reading list! Enjoy the rest of your Sundays x

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