27th of September: Now with 100% more Batman

Here we are again, for a round-up of the best stuff I read on the Internet this fortnight. Plenty of good articles to follow, so let’s get straight to it.

Song of the week is off an album that got heavy play when I was like, 17, but I don’t actually know if they’re a well-known band or anything so this might be as hipster as this feature ever gets. They’re from Sweden.

As ever, this fortnightly round-up is available as a blog or an email newsletter, so if you’d prefer it in the other format, follow the appropriate link. And please do pass it on to a friend if you enjoy it.

  • An actually good and balanced look at Corbyn’s position on Middle Eastern politics
  • Undermining a lot of the overblown analysis of ISIS
  • Think I’ve shared articles about this bloke before, but another piece on the Georgian who’s now one of ISIS’ top lads
  • Interesting piece on how Iranian influence is perceived in Syria
  • Another analysis of Russia’s move into Syria
  • This is a bit overlong, but makes a good case against the USA’s sprawl of military bases
  • Sam Kriss excellent on the ever-escalating absurdity of the Prevent strategy
  • These two essays are really raw, personal, and upsetting, from the long-term girlfriend of the blood cancer fella from a couple of weeks ago. Stunning writing
  • Nice profile of some nice activists in Brixton
  • Good excerpt from Juliet Jacques’ Trans
  • This interview with the new VP of the NUS is great
  • Masculinity – it’s bad
  • Don’t think “chill” is enormously a thing outside the American dating scene but it sounds bad and I enjoyed this
  • Hitler could never have successfully invaded the UK – here’s why
  • Very interesting on how a recent issue of a Batman comic tried to tackle issues of police brutality and racism
  • I know I promised I’d stop sharing Golby pieces every week but this one about Freshers’ made me feel like I was 18 again and I hated every minute of it
  • Great interview/profile/puff piece with Rihanna
  • TBH I had to listen to ‘Since U Been Gone’ again to understand this piece but I respect how hard they argue in its favour. Also from that same feature, this funny list of ridiculous tacky songs from 2005 reminded me that it was actually 2005/6 that I checked out of mainstream music for a few years, not 2003 as I had thought. So that’s good.
  • Imagine, in 2015, writing that it took a bloke covering it to really validate a woman’s art. State of it. This is good on the response to Ryan Adams’ Taylor Swift cover album.
  • Lovely retrospective of Metal Gear Solid 3 – which I still haven’t played!
  • Cool on what it’s like to return to a game after a long absence.

And there we have it. See you next week, on the blog, for the reading reviews. Have a lovely week x

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