17th of April: Later and Later

So I know what’s happened this week. I haven’t connected the tablet to the Internet so anything I bookmarked on there hasn’t been kicked to the cloud. This list is a complex little machine and if one part falls out, you get mediocre results. Still. Means the list is a bit more light-hearted than usual, so that’s fun.

Think I’ve actually done a song of the week off this album in the last few months, if not weeks. In fact, if memory serves, they follow each other on the album. Still, the opener from The Strokes’ most recent album is one of the rare songs that’s evocative of a happy emotion, which is bleaker than I intend it to sound, but I think I got this album on the day of my birthday, or of my last exam of the year, which happened to be my birthday (UCL never fails to spite me) and it was sunny and everything was alright. It’s a good song, too, off a good album.

  • Think Sam Kriss captures some of the ambiguous feelings we have in response to international tragedy here, in the wake of the Brussels attacks
  • This is quite sweet on the UK’s beleaguered bowling greens
  • Takes kind of weird swerves here and there (yes the problem is definitely Tumblr feminists) and fair warning, some graphic and horrible anecdotes, but this is decent and generally nuanced (perhaps more than they deserve) on toxic male subcultures online – can’t quite find a term that encapsulates them.
  • The rare BuzzFeed article that I felt needed to go longer, this is a very good critique of Kanye and Kendrick’s treatment of women in their lyrics. It’s not my place to evaluate these critiques, but it shows real knowledge of their work, places their sexism in the context of their political messages, and seeks to improve not dismiss – A*.
  • Like, I’m probably never going to turn my back on little 17-year-old Gabriel with the two Guns N’ Roses T-shirts, so had this article concluded that actually they were bad, it’d have been irrelevant to me. Still, it’s a decent little column from a Guns N’ Roses fan, even though I’ve got objections to about eight of his points (Chinese Democracy was a great album – fight me)*.
  • So this is kind of evocative and lovely and bleak all at once on Indie Club Nights and it left me feeling weird and bereft at getting literally none of the references which I guess is just one of those Third Culture Kid things (ugh) but yeah. Maybe I haven’t lived but it sounds like they were bad anyway.
  • Affectionate look at how Jay-Z has gotten old (sometimes I sell these articles well, honest)
  • I’m sure everyone knew Stairway to Heaven, along with most of Led Zeppelin’s music, was kind of robbed, so the court case is kind of irrelevant. Still, it’s quite entertaining to try and wander round Denmark Street and break men’s dreams.
  • I once wrote a story for something like 10,000 words on a world where this sort of game was a viable possibility, and now, here we have an embedded war correspondent in a multiplayer game. It’s great.
  • The Elder Scrolls games are such an endless fountain of weird stories that make me miss them and then I go back and I’ve left my character stuck somewhere boring and I give up and go back to Company of Heroes but! This is good story about a dog in Skyrim.
  • You’ve seen the new Star Wars trailer yeah?
  • Bit of a struggle with linking this to you, settled on the “how-to” tag but basically, Albert Burneko’s recipe columns at Deadspin are my favourite thing. I don’t even know if they’re good recipes! They slant towards the American, and he’s delightfully intolerant of other ways of cooking, so if you have Strong Opinions about Eggs, maybe give those ones a miss but yeah. Fun.
  • Speaking of food, Ruby Tandoh’s series reviewing British fast food joints is lovely writing and very fun.
  • Demi’s back! Don’t think these Uptown Funk mash-ups quite reach the highs of the Hozier ones, but his face is still a joy.
  • Look this probably won’t happen but it’s a very good idea for a calendar is all I’m saying.

*I still own both those shirts and all bar one of Guns N’ Roses’ albums (Greatest Hits compilations are for Fake Fans) on CD tbh.

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