15th of May: Dedication in Absentia

When you read this, I will not be in London, hunched over my laptop in a dark room on my own, but having a lovely birthday weekend at the beach.

To compensate for you all being so sad while I’m borderline happy, I decided to schedule a reading list to go up in my absence. Alas, I’ve not been reading much recently, as my current job doesn’t involve any substantial commute, so not much to be getting on with. Just checked and all my library books are overdue and all. Nightmare. Anyway.

Song of the week should probably be off Radiohead’s new album, but that’s too obvious and I’ve not heard anything beyond the singles (first, decent, second, quietly spectacular, is my informed review.) So went with a song picked at random off my favourite album of theirs. idk.

  • This is so weird! From the incompetence and farce of it all to the very uncomfortable sensation of being inside a photo-realistic FPS game, this Go-Pro video of a failed ISIS attack from the perspective of an ISIS fighter is unsettling and compelling. The analysis surrounding it is helpful too.
  • Meant to include this last time, and events have moved on somewhat, but thought this was decent and balanced on the Labour anti-semitism thing
  • Good defence of giving money to the homeless
  • Horrifying (in a kind of minor but also quite serious way) tale of Apple Music thieving libraries
  • One of those borderline-TMI (deliberately) accounts of IUD-insertion – fair warning, the worst part is when she spoils developments in Broad City, which was rude.
  • Thought this’d be lighter on The Thick of It (which I still haven’t seen!) when I started reading it but it’s still a really interesting article on comedy and satire and Armando Ianucci and the incredible Veep.
  • Good bit of embedded reporting in a fried chicken shop
  • Dwarf Fortress is another one of those that’s more interesting to read about, it seems, than to play. Good, in-depth interview, with its creator
  • The different ways 90s TV shows got drugs wrong sound hilarious tbh – had forgotten the absurd Fresh Prince plot just cos of how Real and Moving Will’s apology was
  • Clickhole has started to leave me behind me a bit but I liked pretending I was friends with Don and Roger
  • Tanks, LEGO, LEGO tanks! A technical achievement if nothing else
  • If you’re like me, you’re a disgrace who still can’t roll a burrito. Get wiser.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekends xxxx

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