19th of June: bad fortnight

Just hasn’t been good, has it? Luckily for you, I think the balance of articles this week leans towards the light-hearted. I’m going on holiday but hopefully this’ll bring you some joy in my absence (yes I do hear myself).

I can’t work out if The Strokes are cool or not tbh. Pitchfork’s review of their recent EP was sort of positive but also dripping in contempt, but then that’s Pitchfork, right? Anyway, they’ve got a new EP out and I really liked it so w/e.

  • I’ve already voted in the referendum, for what little it’s worth, and then I’m out of the country the day of. Will try and resist the temptation to stay up waiting for the results. Anyway. Bleak times, here are some good things to read maybe, unless you’re, rightly, sick of the whole thing. This analysis of why Britain voted to leave was eerily prescient. A look at some of the things EU funds have made possible in the UK. The Leavers don’t seem to know what comes next, and don’t seem to care. Gary Younge pulls a good bait-and-switch on the “voters have been denied an honest debate on immigration” here – good lad. Finally, doesn’t get much more establishment than this, but feel like the FT sums up one good case for a Remain vote – YMMV, obv.
  • The Orlando shooting was horrible and tragic in its own right, but the more you read about the importance of LGBT clubs as a safe space, the sadder it all gets – this was lovely. Meanwhile, the back-and-forth of speculation over the shooter’s identity and motives was absurd and unedifying as ever, but thought David Shariatmadari was nuanced on it.
  • A political science-y, concrete analysis of the balance of forces on gun control in the States. Quite useful context to our immediate “why does this keep happening” responses
  • On the unexpected emotional toll of covering the refugee crisis
  • (FR) Considering Operation Sentinelle and whether it is the best use of military resources
  • Quite a minor story, and probably far from the greatest victim of Republican obstructionism, but this lady was nominated to be an ambassador and died tragically young without the appointment ever being approved by legislators. Just quite sad tbh.
  • I’ve never read the Frog and Toad stories, imagine they’re either before my time or an American thing but this is kind of lovely and sweet (this is me transitioning to the fun part, lads)
  • Meant to share one of these earlier, but it slipped, so you get a Hussein Kesavani double whammy! Two quite funny and entertaining “All the Shit You Have to Deal with…” pieces that also taught me stuff about the young Muslim experience in the UK. The first, on going to the pub, genuinely surprised me in parts (the part about remembering rounds is fascinating and should be so obvious!) and this on Ramadan, is fun.
  • Loosely interesting, despite being packed with a) disgusting heights and b) disgusting rich people, on the people living above 800ft in New York
  • This is kind of beautiful on Hindi, Gaelic, language-learning, and colonialism.
  • Sometimes think extended travel sounds gross and unacceptable. This is quite lovely on friendship through travel, I guess.
  • You’ve probably heard the “Polish cavalry charged against a tank brigade in 1939” thing. You, like me, probably took it at face value. You fool!
  • This looks like it’s going to be an extended ‘yer da’ joke but morphs into something quite poignant and sweet – Golby goes rogue. (remember Dragonite Dad? Undertones of that)
  • Don’t know what to make of this piece on McDonalds as community centre. It’s lovely and speaks to human empathy and the power of community, but it’s also a lot of extremely sad stories and quite a bleak picture. Idk. give them Spoons imo.
  • Iconic stuff here from Sam Diss – which Kanye is the best Kanye? Chop up the beats Kanye? Bad mood Kanye? Find out.
  • Glad to hear Usher is still a sex symbol.
  • On Jay Z’s guest verses as he ages.
  • So this was about as foreign to me as it was to the literal foreigner they’re explaining British nightlife to. IDK. Haven’t lived, I guess. Quite stressful when articles do this to me.
  • Remember Lonelygirl15? That was a weird time.
  • Detailed look at the material aspects of “Peak TV” and how it affects the careers and livelihoods of the people involved from actors to crew.
  • For Game of Thrones people – there was a lot of excitement over the show getting Ian McShane to do the “broken man” speech, but then in the show it was abridged and changed in strange ways – Sean T. Collins discusses the changes here in a more intelligent way than just “books good, show bad” (although.)
  • Finally, some joy – just a little playlist of adverts Matt Berry has voiced. That’s all.


Try and have a good week. It’ll be alright, I guess. Probably. Chin up. x

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