3rd of July: Still Mourning Brexit

Genuinely didn’t think we’d be here today, guys. But weirdly, the fortnightly thing has sort of dulled the impact somehow. Feel like I’ve had a week of Labour shambles and slow-rolling doom on the Brexit front and it’s quite weird to look back at the last post when things were still a bit more innocent and I was a bit more complacent about maybe being able to go back to the continent some day. Anyway. Fair warning, it’s like 60% stuff about Brexit, and naturally, there’s very little that will be of any comfort if you’re still miserable because there is no good news. So like maybe scroll through to the bit about pork and booze later. Here goes.

Am sick and tired of YouTube letting me down with song choices, so might just commit to using Spotify – you can all use the web player tbh. Genuinely surprised at how much I’ve been enjoying the new Radiohead album (ordered a thing with a digital download code included the day it was released – only got to hear it when it came out on Spotify. good) so have a song off of it.

  • Start with the good news. Even though we might be starting to miss him as we face down the horrors of the next PM, it’s quite soothing to know that David Cameron is going to go down in history as a complete fuck-up.
  • OK so this is how we’re proceeding. I’ve got a chunk of stuff about the politics of Brexit, more or less. Then some stuff about people being sad about Brexit. And then the quite chilling stuff about how Brexit’s kind of lifted up the rock with all the racism under. Scroll through, pick and mix, as you wish.
  • How did we get here, I hear you ask? Well. This is the rare long-ish piece that could stand to go for a couple thousand words longer because it seems to skimp a bit, but an alright outline of how Euroscepticism took over the Tory party. From the same people who predicted the result a couple weeks ago, a good analysis of how the Leave campaign won. Absolutely chilling prediction of how the negotiations will play out.
  • Family rifts over Brexit feel kind of inevitable but also pointless and idk. The borough I grew up in was one of the few London ones to vote leave, so I don’t feel like I can trust the local shopkeepers anymore – sort of get it I guess. This one’s a bit over-wrought, possibly, but quite nice to see an emotional reaction to Europe beyond disgust and exhaustion. And this on Europe as a safe space for people of colour now being lost is very upsetting, as is this on how it feels to be an ethnic minority in Leave Britain.
  • Surprisingly little on the Labour coup this week, but this gets to the heart of it I think, and also transitions nicely into the final section – Corbyn is under attack for not being racist enough.
  • After years of “listening to legitimate concerns” about immigration, leading to a massive uptick in reported racist incidents after the referendum, it’s time to stand up for immigrants (as a kind-of-foreign, little bit of self-interest there). One kind of well-meaning idea on how to do so, the safety pin, fell short as Hussein Kesvani explains here, which I think just leaves us with this useful guide on how to intervene safely in incidents of racist harassment. This is where we’re at I guess.
  • Some optimism, maybe? What would a politics without xenophobia look like? And what are the next steps for the left after Brexit?
  • And this is sweet! Social initiatives in Berlin are using food to help refugees find community.
  • More optimism – the different points at which Donald Trump is now likely to back out of the race to save himself embarrassment and create optimal levels of banter.
  • It’s a bit academic-y, but these forgotten narratives of subversion during the First World War are fascinating. Wasn’t all outright mutinies or noble sacrifice.
  • I think this is just a short story about pork? It’s quite cool, also about Jewishness I guess. Might make you hungry.
  • Man this is dispiriting. Fella put on death-row for murdering his family by arson (can you murder with arson???) but as you’d expect from an eight-million word New Yorker feature, there’s more to the case than it seems*.
  • Another one of these baffling stories of “I flew first class around the world and it only cost me three Twixes and a grapefruit” idk
  • This thing about making peace with your body hair is quite sweet but also worth reading for blokes just to be reminded of the sheer exhaustion the other half have to go through.
  • Hella late, but another beautiful tribute to Latin night at the Queer club.
  • Lovely and sweet article about London cornershop owners.
  • I’m now getting to that Golby point with Beth McColl where I might just stop linking her articles but this, on sexting, is very incongruous because it’s probably quite rude but also very cutesy and idk. I liked it.
  • Finally, this. I’m torn, I honestly am. When I first saw this article, the first GIF called Peggy something else (I’ve forgot) which ticked me right off. They’ve since edited it, leaving only some quite #goals (as the youth say) suggestions for a home bar.

And we’re done! Started with Brexit, ended with copious amounts of liquor to help you cope. Have a lovely fortnight xxx



*finally made a little excursion into the back of my Pocket queue, where it’s all long-reads and short stories. Terrifying. There’s also like scattered extremely out-of-date reactions to the news which are quite entertaining to read a little bit and then satisfyingly clear out. e.g. the piece on how Turkey’s before-last election was a sign of hope and optimism, three months before terrorism and civil war and another election which basically reversed the first one I think, seemed to basically stamp out any remaining hope and optimism. “entertaining” is probably the wrong word.

2 thoughts on “3rd of July: Still Mourning Brexit

  1. Hehe “Before the convention, during the convention, after the convention”. Well yes those are the 3 time frames in which he might resign. The world might end before, during, or after i demolish that cake in the kitchen

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