31st of July: I’m Running Late

Sometimes I have a lot of chat to give you in the preamble and this bit goes on forever. Today, not so much. Allez.

Just finished watching Bojack Horseman and I’m feeling some kind of way so have this song from the finale it’s lovely.

  • It probably says something about my awful approach to the world that I have spent a good chunk of the past month looking forward to reading some horrific climate change news to take my mind off the short-term apocalypse in favour of the long-term one. Anyway, California is burning and also Siberia is burning and the planet is fucked. On the other hand, these lads jump out of planes to fight fires which is pretty dope.
  • Good fun facts – Turkey’s coup involved a good chunk of the military and could have succeeded. It involved an airbase that holds American nukes. Good debate on maybe moving them away perhaps – you’ve got to love the idea of there being a “go-to guy for defending apocalyptically bad ideas” though. “Shit how do we make this a debate? Call Steve.”
  • I think this one leans a bit heavily into the “white working class” stuff as an explanation for Brexit but then also Lanchester writes so wonderfully that I don’t mind.
  • So that hell-school that inflicts psychological warfare on small children made the headlines and we all remembered how bad free schools are but this piece from a while back that I finally got round to reading makes the case that they are, in fact, extremely bad. like wow.
  • “a dialectic of suffocating evil” is a good phrase
  • Thought this was quite lovely on the Titanic.
  • One of the many tragedies of gender imbalances in science and engineering is that we don’t have robot tampons yet (or something, I didn’t know how to pitch this one)
  • This on “nice” abusers must have been incredibly hard to write and click publish on but I’m glad Emily did because it’s brave + powerful.
  • On a not-dissimilar note, some outrage after the murder of Qandeel Baloch.
  • Always come away from this sort of piece unsettled and worried and wanting to text my mum/sister/girlfriend/the girl who works in Tesco to just see if they’re fine cos Christ. On how appetite is condemned and punished in women.
  • Also, slightly a lesser of two evils situation here but a vegan going in on clean eating is pretty cool. The Ruby Tandoh piece linked within is also good.
  • Fuming here, I’ve just started doing Responsible Financial Decision Making and then I was reminded that the pension system is fucked.
  • You’ll probably have heard about the Byron thing but just in case you wanted some more of the grim details.
  • Little Ye-interlude here. The Wolves video is pretty cool even if the lyrics remain A Bit Fucked. It’s no New Workout Plan though (of which both the visuals and the lyrics are Fairly Fucked TBH). Also this photoshoot of Kimye is pretty lovely so if that’s your bag there you go.
  • It’s great, everyone was super gutted when Grantland went away and everyone lamented the loss of its’ great writing, and then I think it came back as The Ringer and just immediately started doing the stupid shit I loved about Grantland again. EG: this scientific roundup of the best fictional basketball shots, or this roundtable entitled “When did you first realise Taylor Swift was lying to you?”. good content.
  • Also extremely good content – harambe memes and this guy going deep on harambe memes*
  • This is like fucking Marley and Me all over again. I knew it was going to be a sad article about a dog and I know how those end up but I still read it and still felt sad. stupid dog.
  • Abbi and Ilana are probably exhausting in real life too, aren’t they? This was a nice profile though.
  • Not gonna lie I don’t think I’ve heard Tarantino’s movies being called lacking in humanity but this was kind of a good rebuttal to that opinion I don’t share anyway I guess.
  • I’m still largely on board with Pokemon Go even though the gameplay is lacklustre as hell and all I catch is fucking Drowzees. This is nice.
  • Golby betrays his greatest work here, but someone needed to be bold and come out against summer. He also does some good #analysis of Vin Diesel though.

Bye now.

*if you can hack Kriss’ more wordy-“I studied philosophy”-ish pieces, he did a good one of those on the dead ape. I’m not linking it because I resent being made to feel stupid because my eyes glaze over when you say “signifier”.

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