21st of May: Sickening False Hope

I’m sick of it, every day I have a little moment of “oh my god what if we beat them” and it’s going to be so grim when we wake up on the 9th. Anyway got some articles for you.

Song of the week because it just lives in my Youtube recommendations and the back of my mind;

  • Excellent explanation of the ransomware thing and why we’re vulnerable and what it would take to protect ourselves from similar attacks.
  • Interesting story about Mexican avocado barons forming a private police force to protect themselves from cartels.
  • Sort of nerdy look at how the rumour that the US Navy had sent a carrier group to North Korea got out of control. Good to know that there’s this sort of ambiguity in signalling between nuclear powers.
  • The weird thing about America having nuked itself is that there are Americans alive today still suffering the effects of the radiation. Great feature on them and their campaign for recognition.
  • Article about the lads commuting into London once a week and keeping their families in nice places. Sort of bleak state of affairs where even the well off are leading these miserable lives. Briefly looked into doing this but turns out season tickets are about as expensive as rent. FT article so if you want a copy give us a shout.
  • Great article on how zero hours contracts are integral to capitalism, a feature not a bug, and how they inhibit workplace organising. Focuses on the TEFL sector, but a lot seems applicable to the catering world too.
  • Speaking of zero hours, a great piece on how Labour can appeal to people in them. This was from before the manifesto and I think a lot of these kind of concerns have been addressed but good to bear in mind.
  • Garden Bridge was mercifully cancelled, but still took £37m of our money with it. Probably all disappeared into the pockets of some of Boris’ vile Tory mates.
  • A look at the weasel Tim Farron’s voting record on the EU is interesting given the Lib Dems are apparently the great hope of the remainer.
  • On that note, this is from a while back but remains instructive I think, on the self-serving narrative that’s been built around the referendum.
  • Fascinating article on Google Books and how it got crippled.
  • This is a rather lovely profile of a food cart operator in New York.
  • A fair impression of what the #takes will be when we’re all irradiated skeletons – because #takes, like cockroaches, will live on.
  • JK Rowling, part of the long list of “people who I thought were sound until I saw their tweets”, gets utterly hammered in this article and its great.
  • I get anxious spending any money on clothes, so a little hard to relate but I thought Diss’ story about his relationship with anxiety and fashion here was lovely.
  • This is a bit morbid and weird if you stop to think about it for a second but also shotguns are really good in games so it’s interesting? IDK.
  • Torn here, because all of the conclusions about Steam’s malignant effects and terrible policies are correct, but also the sheer faff of having several games platforms is deeply unsettling. Like how you need Netflix and iPlayer and Amazon and Hulu and HBO in order to keep up with telly these days. No ta.
  • This is rather cute about parents following their kids on social media (hi mum).
  • Really liked this essay about Star Wars.
  • This series of analyses of Casino Royale is very interesting but they aren’t coming out quick enough. Rude.
  • And as a final treat, watch this kid utterly wreck Theresa May. Seen. Off.

And that’s it. Will try and get another list out before the election but no promises. Am off out door-knocking now to try and forestall the inevitable crushing loss. Byeeee x

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