2nd of July: At least I don’t pretend they’re weekly anymore

It’s been like a full month. State of it. I’ve periodically opened the document up, and either not had enough links, or, the other week, not had the right words/articles to respond to whatever tragedy had happened that weekend. Here we are now though, got both words, links and the time in which to share them with you all. Thanks for sticking with me – to the extent that you need to “stick” with something you either sporadically receive via email or sporadically click on when it shows up on your feeds. IDK.

I’ve periodically listened to something and decided it’ll be the song of the week and then, having not done a list, forgotten about it. Having gone through this three times, I now find myself without a song to put here. Soz.

Leaving the above in as a little window into the process but I’ve remembered the song – it’s the lovely one from the Motorcycle Diaries.

  • Somewhat troublingly, I don’t have a direct response to Grenfell to share with you. It might be that I’ve experienced it all via Twitter rather than through anything I can share here. Anyway, I hope these articles tangentially touch on some of the issues around housing, ownership, and democracy that were made so horrifically blatant the other week. This, on a council “redeveloping” an estate, is bleak and grim, and importantly, is about a Labour council (because despite the boy (more on him later), it’s important to remember the bipartisan shittiness). I had hoped to be able to do something like this myself, but the Who owns England? lads got there first – with all the correct and legitimate calls to requisition vacant properties in Kensington, they mapped where those homes are, and who owns them, to the extent possible.
  • I guess this article touches on another thing that came up in the wake of the horror – survivors and victims not feeling able to come forward for fear they’d be turned over to border police. This article discusses that “hostile environment” our PM has done so much to create.
  • There’s not been a list since the election! This is what I said then:

“I’m sick of it, every day I have a little moment of “oh my god what if we beat them” and it’s going to be so grim when we wake up on the 9th.”

And here we are, having beaten them! A great article on Momentum’s incredible campaigning.

  • On a similar note to the councils article, a really thoughtful critique of Labour in Wales and Welsh politics generally.
  • This is long and rambles a little, on the response to Corbyn’s foreign policy speech after the Manchester attack (Christ, so many horrors since the last post), but I think a) it’s great – there are several lines that are either brilliant or made me gasp or both, and b) speaks to so much of what’s wrong with our media these days, that it’s worth reading in full.
  • The New Socialist emerged in the run-up to the election, and launched in the aftermath, and have been pretty consistently great. I’ve got this article and the Wales one up there in this list but do recommend you have a butchers at their work because it’s all very smart stuff. This, I think, was their post-election editorial on where The Left goes from here, and it’s wise and good imo (I think, again, I read it last month and have forgot it)
  • This piece is Extremely Online I guess? I no longer experience real life without it being mediated by Twitter, to the extent that my social calendar this month has been dominated by meeting people off twitter dot com. Anyway, it’s about the new lexicon of the left – slugs, melts, etc. It’s a great glossary, and it’s also really nice to see the Reel Politik lads getting some press – their podcast is worth checking out (which I will never say for any podcast because it is a terrible medium) – when everything felt bleak during the election, they were like a little tonic of hope, and now everything feels possible, they’re a really joyous thing to hear. Also they make abuse an art. On a similar note, this is almost beautiful? on the “big bag of cans” meme. I don’t even like cans! They get warm too fast and taste grim for that final third. But man, the big bag of cans – beautiful.
  • OK we’re off current affairs now here we are. This is a really interesting article on Spotify playlists, and the marketing and branding work behind them – there’s loads of talk about the algorithms, but I’ve never seen something look at the actual corporate decisions so closely.
  • I bounced off Knights of the Old Republic extremely hard about three planets in, but I still enjoyed this piece about playing it as a villain.
  • This is gorgeous, on Spoons, by Megan Nolan, the nation’s Wetherspoons correspondent.
  • Another extremely online piece – 101 good tweets, basically. There’s some discussion of them, but it’s mostly just good tweets, so enjoy (my own tweets are bizarrely not featured).
  • I imagine this story, about reporters trying to attend an Apple product launch, has some intent of being about freedom of the press or whatever, but it’s mostly just a delight of passive-aggression and trolling.
  • Good article on dating differently political people to you, that unfortunately does not conclude with “never kiss a tory”.
  • Why is the Tube so hot? Science.
  • IDK man pao de queijo is good, read this article and get hungry.
  • I actually had this thought a week before reading the article, but it’s weird that chilli came from Latin America when now we think of chilli as integral to loads of other cuisines.

Done! Cool. Hope you enjoyed. I’m conscious I’ve gained twitter followers during the numbers election who weren’t here when I made an effort with this list – I also send it out as a tinyletter – if you’d like to be subscribed to that sporadic mailout, link here. Otherwise, it’ll be periodically on your feeds. Have a lovely Sunday/week/month/inchoate period of time till the next instalment. x

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