I was going to write about UniLad, but this says it all really. One thing that I think bears mentioning is that what makes UniLad more dangerous than the rest of lad culture is it is targeted at male teenagers about to, or having just arrived at university. They specifically wrote guides for lads arriving at university, etc, and before I realised what utter cunts they were, I admit, I read their guides.
At Freshers’, especially, there are plenty of insecure young men, and the lad culture UniLad promotes is like a reassuring ‘peer’ group. ‘They get it. They get what it’s like being a lad who wants to get laid but is perhaps a bit nervous about it and doesn’t really have the confidence. They have the tips and tricks to work out women, cos they’ve always confused me.’
And the sad thing is, I suspect a lot of that disgusting pick-up artist stuff might be effective at university – I wouldn’t know, but I doubt the wimmenz are any less insecure than the menz, and that insecurity is what the #lad preys upon.
It’s a very formative time, I’ve found, and am still finding, the first months at uni, and as stavvers says, sites like unilad have to do more than simply apologise for being offensive cunts. They need to actively go against rape culture – there’s no reason that couldn’t co-exist with a light-hearted site for the lads.

Another angry woman

Dear Unilad,

What the fuck is wrong with you? Seriously, I wanted to start of this open letter eloquently, but all I can do is wonder what is so wrong with you that you repeatedly promote rape.

You appeared on my radar last week when you posted an article advocating rape. I suspect the author of the piece thought he was being ever so funny by suggesting that the number of unreported rapes could play to a man’s advantage. Obviously you probably experienced quite a degree of backlash to this, because you quietly took it down. It’s still screencapped though, Unilad. People know what you did.

Then there’s this T-shirt, which manages to simultaneously advocate rape while implying that the wearer of the T-shirt suffers from premature ejaculation. Again, you quietly took it down, but forgot to remove it from your Facebook page. So we know what…

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